The Industry Improvement Fund forms for each trade for both Mainland and Cape Breton Island are available for download in 2 software versions: Adobe Acrobat and Excel. Please ensure that you are using the correct form for your remittance.

For our Cape Breton Island members, if you have any questions regarding the CBI Consolidated Fund, please contact the Cape Breton Island Building and Construction Trades Council at 902-539-2661.

Target Forms:

Job Targeting Application FormPDF
Bricklayer 1 FormDownload PDF
Carpenters 83 FormDownload PDF
Insulators 116 FormDownload PDF
Labourer 615 FormDownload PDF
Mechanical 56 FormDownload PDF
Mechanical 244 FormDownload PDF
OE Earth Movers 721 FormDownload PDF
Painters 1439 FormDownload PDF
Roofers 409 FormDownload PDF
Sheet Metal 409 FormDownlaod PDF
Tile 1 FormDownload PDF

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